Don’t wait to be happy

EQ Durban, EQ South Africa
Written by: Avril Kidd
Category: Habits | Life Skills
This video speaks so strongly to the EQ competency of Optimism. When we adopt an optimistic approach we are making a choice in our lives, we can take a proactive view of hope and possibility and create options for ourselves.

I love her quote of, “you can’t wait for life to be easy to be happy”.


Every day we make choices. No one can take away our power of choice. We may not be able to control what happens to us but we always have a choice in how we view the situation, in how we feel and really importantly how we respond.

When life deals you a tough hand, remember the TIE Principle. Look at bad situations as being Temporary, that we can Isolate them to a part of our life and not make them pervasive, and with Energy or effort we can change them or how we react or respond to them and how we feel about the them.

You have the power of choice!


Watch Nightbirde’s video below.


How often do YOU choose to be happy?