Welcome to the wonderful world of EQ.

I’m Avril Kidd and my passion is helping people to understand themselves and each other better so individuals and teams can build successful relationships and improve productivity. EQ is highly trainable, and has been proven to be a greater determinant of success than IQ. I’m privileged to have witnessed incredible uplifting changes in teams and individuals on my EQ training journey, and would love to support your personal development or the growth of your team.

Feelings are much like waves. We can’t stop them from coming, but we can choose which ones to surf.
  • Are you or your team struggling with motivation that is affecting performance?
  • Do you find that communication skills are often lacking at home or in the workplace?
  • Is stress, conflict and lack of co-operation causing problems at work or at home?
  • Are your team leaders or managers lacking in effective leadership skills?
  • Do you find yourself flying off the handle and lashing out at times?

All of these challenges can be overcome by understanding what Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is and how to apply it in your personal life, workplace, institution, sports team, or even your social or family environment.

Emotional Intelligence is an essential competence for work and life performance. Neuroscience shows how our emotions influence the way we think and behave, which makes understanding our emotions critical.

EQ is the science of understanding emotions and how they influence our ability to deal with stress, communicate effectively, build relationships, and achieve our goals. Self-awareness and self-management play strong roles in the process and help us to live a balanced, productive and fulfilling life.

EQ is a learnable skill and EQ in Action can facilitate this learning and provide you with tools through workshops, psychometric profiling, team-building sessions, and one-on-one coaching.

Learn how to manage stress effectively in a pro-active way.

Understand the mechanics behind anger and frustration and how to overcome them.

Learn motivational tactics to empower yourself or your staff and renew team spirit.

Discover the different brain profiles in order to eliminate clashes and friction.

Exercise optimism to improve decision making and increase effectiveness.

Deal with changes in your own life or in the workplace in a pro-active and productive way.

Where will you start your EQ experience?


I want to empower and motivate my leaders and team.


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I’m interested in EQ development for personal growth.


I want to learn how to become an EQ trainer, facilitator or assessor.

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