Hi, I’m Avril Kidd, a devoted internationally accredited EQ practitioner and facilitator, passionate about supporting people like you realise their full potential in terms of personal and professional success and happiness.

My group workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions and psychometric debriefs are effective in developing emotional intelligence in both individuals and teams.

Seeing the growth in confidence, effectiveness, team dynamics, quality of relationships and health gets me so excited about my line of work and the huge potential for success inherent in EQ strategies.


After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Cell Biology and Industrial Psychology in 1989, I entered the corporate market, where I spent 20 highly successful and exciting years in the service industry, working my way up to director level by the age of 33. Managing a large region gave me exposure to the heart of the corporate environment – its people.

Branching out

A few years after my son was born, I decided to leave the corporate world to spend more quality time with him. Instead of going back to ‘work’, I became a consultant to several companies, assisting them with business models, financial benchmarking, and other productive strategies.

This only increased my passion for people and piqued my curiosity to find out more about human behavior and performance.

In my quest for greater knowledge I was introduced to Six Seconds, the global leaders in EQ. They were instrumental in supporting my curiosity and made it possible for me, through their many EQ certification options, to become a qualified EQ Practitioner, Facilitator, Brain Profiler and SEI and Vital Signs Assessor.

I am proud to have been endorsed as their preferred partner in South Africa in 2012 and continue with my commitment to growing the number of people practicing EQ in South Africa and neighboring countries.

Although my EQ qualifications include working with children, my expertise and primary focus are in working with adults, individually or in teams across the business and educational sectors.

I have had many wonderful opportunities working with companies and individuals across the globe, throughout Africa, and within South Africa. Building numerous long-term partnerships with clients all over the world has been a phenomenal experience. It is a tremendous privilege to be able to work with so many different cultures and to be a part of a Global Network of EQ Change makers!

Personal life

Home base is La Lucia, situated on the sunny east coast of South Africa in KwaZulu-Natal, with my hubby, Clive, and teenage son, Calvin, whilst my step daughter, Tanique, pursues her teaching career in Pretoria. We are an active family who love animals, evident by our ridgeback, Kink who we consider a member of our family, along with Monty a cheeky African grey parrot, 4 cockatiels (Josie, Coco, Muffin, and Yoda), and a pond full of fish.

Calvin is an avid water polo player so we spend many hours at the poolside. With our proximity to the sea and love of the outdoors we are so blessed and grateful to be able to spend many hours at the beach with friends after a run or long walk. Exercise is really important to us as a family and I believe it is also critical to maintaining good mental health.

Let’s connect

Being the people-person I am, I would love to learn more about you, and help you to learn more about yourself and understand what makes you tick and why, and show you ways to improve your own wellbeing, life satisfaction, or effectiveness.

If you are part of a team that may be feeling disconnected or demotivated, my door is open to you to chat about options to help reenergize and motivate your team towards achieving their purpose and goals.

My EQ workshops are fun, interactive and safe, but also hugely empowering. As a result, most of my client growth has come from client referrals, which for me is the ultimate compliment. I love what I do so do it with heart and passion.

I’m just an email or phone call away if you’d like to reach out and chat about options for you or your team.