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Six Seconds is the global leader in EQ with offices in 10 countries and practitioners in 75 nations. Established in 1997, Six Seconds is the most extensive organization of its kind in the world, led by an amazing team of change agents in 11 countries, and supporting practitioners in over 100 countries. Six Seconds offers transformational learning and development programs, scientifically validated assessments, and effective consulting processes to increase the people-side of performance — all grounded in current neuroscience.

The Preferred Partner Network is an alliance of change leaders who increase emotional capital. We create organizational transformation to strengthen the long-term value for all stakeholders. We partner with leaders, providing consulting and training using a robust, evidence-based methodology to deliver exceptional value to our clients.
I became the first preferred partner for Six Seconds in Africa in 2012 and became part of the global network of Six Seconds Directors, preferred partners and practitioners, reporting into and working closely with the Director of the Middle East Africa and India region, Jayne Morrison, who is based in Dubai.

As preferred partner I am committed to growing the number of people practicing emotional intelligence in South Africa, and host or run regular Six Second Certifications, to enable people to develop core methods to increase their own EQ or to become qualified in the various assessment tools and powerful programs offered by Six Seconds.


My training and facilitation is based on the 6 Seconds model of emotional intelligence known as the KCG model.


The model is based on three pursuits of:

Know Yourself, which is about awareness and understanding what you feel and do. This part of the model is about your Self Awareness as you recognize and understand what you are feeling as well as how you typically behave ie your habits or patterns.

Choose Yourself, is when you consider your options and choices and use these to make better decisions to become more intentional. This part of the model is about Self-Management as you move off auto pilot functioning and learn to stop and pause in order that you can respond rather than react without thought.

Give Yourself, is about connecting with your deep sense of purpose and connecting with others in a purposeful, caring way. This is also referred to the Self-Direction part of the model as it is about understanding what you truly want in your life and taking ownership for your impact on others.

 These 3 pursuits help people to live and lead with emotional intelligence.

 Beneath these three areas are 8 specific, learnable and scientifically based competencies. We can build these competencies, like we would the muscles in our body, by understanding them and exercising them to continuously improve so that we can achieve the life satisfaction and success that we desire.


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