All learning has an emotional base.

What can EQ do for educators?

  • Integrating EQ into the classroom helps to optimize learning.
  • Enables them to increase connection with and between students.
  • Supports them to exercise and model intrinsic motivation and optimism.
  • Teach them to recognize and interpret emotions.
  • Increase their empathy and how to teach it to their students.

How will this help your institution?

  • Improved academic and sporting achievements.
  • Reduced absenteeism.
  • Increase resilience and motivation of students.
  • Improved understanding of emotions will see a switch from reacting to responding.
  • Decreased bullying and improved relationships.

Emotions are a critical source of information for learning.


The following training options are available to help take your institution to greater heights and engage your staff in a positive way.


Introduction to EQ and Self Awareness Workshop
Self- Management Workshop
Self-Direction and Purpose Workshop
Introduction to EQ & Brain Styles for Improved connection and learning
EQ Insights for People Management (HOD’s and Principals)
EQ Educator
Unlocking EQ


SEI Leadership or Development reports
Leading Through Change SEI report (LTC)
Neural Network reports
SEI 360 reports
SEI Strengths report
Brain brief Profiles
Brain Talent Profiles
Brain Discovery Profile
IPM Report (used in the EQ Insights for People Management)
Leadership Vital signs report (for HOD’s and Principals)
Leadership Vital Signs 360 report (for HOD’s and Principals)

Psychometrics for Youth (8-18 years old)
Brain brief Profiles
Brain Talent Profiles
SEI YV report

Group reports
Team Dashboard (Youth and Adult)
Educational Vital Signs Report


Coaching is enhanced using one or multiple of the EQ Psychometric reports and using the Six Seconds Change Map methodology of coaching.


Sessions can be tailored for any department – staff or students eg: prefect groups, sports teams etc.


EQ Cafes (new topics are released quarterly)

    1. Trust
    2. Anxiety
    3. Uncertainty
    4. Disrupting bias


For educational conferences and functions.

Popular topics:
Developing Self Esteem in children
Emotional Literacy – the basic building block of Emotional Intelligence
Understanding the emotional hijack which results in the 3 Fs of fight, freeze or flee