Which Brain Style describes you?

EQ Durban, EQ South Africa
Written by: Avril Kidd
Depending where you see yourself, there are 8 possible options for brain styles. These 8 brain styles describe people who are 'fully' in one particular style. You may not be as extreme and could be a blend of more than one style. Awareness of your preferred style can create insight and mastery.

Read through the brain style descriptions below. Which one do you think you are? See if you can recognise any of your family, friends and colleagues.

1. Scientist

At the extreme, the Scientist is so focused on data that s/he misses important clues about emotions. The Scientist wants to find the right answer and may see risk as a danger. They are practical and hands-on, usually valuing accuracy, order, clarity, calm, security, balance, knowledge and practicality.

2. Visionary

At the extreme, the Visionary is so focused on emotion that s/he misses logical data. They want to inspire a new future, but can be impractical. They are energetic and transformational, usually valuing relationships, process, humanity, big ideas, innovation and wisdom.

3. Inventor

At the extreme, the Inventor is almost obsessed with finding new solutions, and loses sight of the human interactions. They want to find the path, and are willing to take risks and experiment, even if there is no clear, practical application. They usually value accuracy, creativity, opportunity, innovation, energy and humanity.

4. Guardian

A Guardian is protective of people, careful, and practical. S/he can be change-adverse. At the extreme, the Guardian is a roadblock to risk. They are often the champion of the underdog and will stick by your side even if you are wrong. They usually value safety, respect, relationships, process, carefulness, practicality.

5. Strategist

At the extreme, the Strategist is so focused on finding the “right” solution that s/he does not move forward. The Strategist knows there is a right answer, and s/he wants to find it. They want the world to make sense and usually value planning, accuracy, investment, security, logic, intelligence and wisdom.

6. Energizer

The Energizer can do it all. Creative, dynamic, energetic, and practical, the Energizer will say “yes” and figure out how later. Energizers take care of others (sometimes sacrificing to do so). They are a source of energy and fun – and sometimes burnout. They usually value creativity, fun, relationships, innovation, practicality, and achievement.

7. Deliverer

When you need it done, call the Deliverer. They are action-oriented, practical problem solvers who will figure it out. The Deliverer might knock over people and/or break rules on the way, but the job gets done. They value efficiency, innovation, results, action, timeliness and clarity.

8. Sage

A Sage is concerned with the people and the big picture. At the extreme, a Sage can be full of impractical advice – a big answer without a way forward. Sages care about “the big questions” such as life’s meaning, and may prefer to contemplate than to act. They usually value wisdom, people, security, harmony, reflection, study and observation.

8 Brain Styles outline

You may still be trying to guess your brain-style, so why not actually find out what it is?

I would love to assist you in assessing what your Brain Brief Profile is – it only takes 15 minutes to complete the online questionnaire. What is really fascinating is to remember that everyone is different so you should learn the different brain styles and how each likes to be treated, this helps promote better synergy and teamwork.

Please note that brain styles are not static and can change over time. We have seen huge growth in team effectiveness through improved communication and understanding as a result of having done this brain style profiling and debrief.

We cannot teach people anything. We can only help them discover it within themselves.