Understanding the Brain Brief Profile

Brain Brief Profile
Written by: Avril Kidd
The SEI Brain Brief Profile is a snapshot of your brain’s current style for processing emotional and cognitive data. It shows your brain’s preferences in terms of focus, decisions and drive.


FOCUS, the first scale is about the way you integrate cognitive and emotional data. It’s about what you usually notice first and not about how you act. Do you notice what people say (Rational), or how they say it ie tone (Emotional)?

DECISIONS, the second scale tells how you balance risks and opportunities. Are you able to easily shift from ‘careful’ to ‘spontaneous’ when appropriate? How much do enjoy change and taking risks (Innovative) or does the thought of the unknown terrify you (Evaluative)?

DRIVE, the third scale is about balancing motivation for the present and the future. This scale is about what gives your energy and whether you prefer driving results in the present or to look at the big picture and are more future focused.

Those brain styles with a more practical preference will love getting things down in the here and now, whilst the more idealistic brain styles prefer to look at the future and the bigger picture.

It would be interesting for you to reflect on yourself and see where would you place yourself on each scale and how does this impact you and the way you perform and relate to others. Take some time to reflect on this.

Understanding your brain style is really important as we tend to view the world through our own unique lens and don’t always see things the way they really are. Our perception can so often become our reality which can often lead to conflict and frustration.

Brain Brief Profile assessments are available for both adults and children. Please contact me for more info or to take an assessment.