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Written by: Avril Kidd
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Upcoming workshop information, dates and booking details, including downloadable workshop brochures.

International 6 Seconds EQ Certification Workshop

Emotional Intelligence is what sets apart top performing organizations and people. Research shows that 90% of top performers have high Emotional Intelligence and that it is one of the top 10 skills needed for professional success. It is a set of skills that you can learn, measure and grow. If you are interested in learning more about EQ and want to increase your own emotional intelligence and support others to grow theirs, then consider getting yourself Certified in the 6 Seconds methodology.

These world-renowned workshops and certifications will equip you to fuel your personal and professional success.

In the Unlocking EQ (UEQ), which is a prerequisite to all 6 Seconds Certification programs, you will learn the Six Seconds methodology as well as the Why, What and How EQ works. This one day course is ideal for people wanting to incorporate EQ into their work and life. You will gain practical tools and insights to grow Emotional Intelligence in a fun, interactive and neuro-based environment. There are various pathways leading on from this ranging from EQ Coach to EQ Facilitator or Educator.

Following on from this is the Brain Profiler Certification, where you will learn to use this remarkable tool set of individual profiles as well as a team dashboard. The brain profiles are an advanced Emotional Intelligence assessment tool that provides compelling, quick and meaningful insight into your self and others. You will be certified to use 4 practical tools to develop insight and improve performance, communication, strengthen talent from selection to development and focus on the people-side of strategy by using the Dashboard for team insights and how they can most effectively achieve their goals. You can become a Six Seconds’ Brain Profiler able to purchase and administer these profiles. You will also receive your own profiles.


Unlocking EQ: 16 May 2023
Brain Profiler Certification: 17 May 2023
Venue: to be announced

First time back in SA since Covid.

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